Administrative simplification


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The Regulatory Management Unit works around administrative simplification in several areas.

In order to be able to efficiently reduce administrative burdens, they must first be mapped in detail. For this purpose, the Regulatory Management Unit applies the internationally approved Standard Cost Model (SCM). This methodology is applied worldwide to measure administrative burdens and is used by all European Member States and by the European Commission. In the framework of an efficient and effective government, it is essential to also devote attention to management costs in draft regulation. Together with the Monitoring Systems and Crisis Coordination Division of the Department of Public
Governance, the Regulatory Management Unit designed and fine-tuned a methodology for mapping management costs in the period 2008-2010.

In addition, the Regulatory Management Unit closely monitors the action plans on simplification  of the 13 different policy areas. On the basis of the submitted action plans and progress reports on 2011, the different simplification projects were grouped into the projects database. The projects database (dutch) offers you a user-friendly overview of all projects that are currently registered. 

The Regulatory Management Unit also aims to achieve administrative simplification by means of good quality forms. Experience has taught us that substantial savings and improvements can be quickly and cheaply made by simplifying forms.

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