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The  Flemish Government Architect’s team has to contribute, through  long-term vision and in consultation with different administrations and  involved external parties, towards policy preparation and execution of  the architectural strategy of the Flemish Community, with the aim of  helping to create a high quality architectural environment (buildings,  infrastructure, landscape) in Flanders.

Flemish Government Architect

The Flemish Government appointed Peter Swinnen (since 2010) as third Flemish Government Architect. He succeeds bob Van Reeth (1999-2005) and Marcel Smets (2005-2010).

The Flemish Government Architect’s team

The Flemish Government Architect's team consists of approximately 20 people. Each team member is responsible  for a number of subsidiary projects (master plan, Architectural Prize,  website, annual reports, etc.) and each also specialises in a particular  area of expertise (infrastructure, social housing, landscape, urban  projects, …).

Position document

Peter Swinnen, the third Vlaams Bouwmeester (Flemish Government Architect), uses this position document (in dutch) to outline the goals of his 2010-2015 mandate. Building on the  foundations laid during the first decade of the Bouwmeester function, he also sets his gaze firmly beyond them. A whole series of challenges  await in the years ahead: a modified toolbox needs to be developed for public-sector principalship in the context of PPP procedures; innovation  is urgently required in the social housing and care sectors; a European  spatial framework must be created for Flanders; a ‘BWMSTR’ quality label is to be launched; and policy towards art commissions needs to be stimulated and challenged. An ambitious architecture and planning policy is set out in these seven chapters: a policy that is committed to the realization of powerful, exemplary projects and that dares to look beyond regional borders. This document ought to be read as a public call to pool resources and ideas, to facilitate the development of a generous and lasting building culture.

Open Call

The Open Call is one of the tools the Flemish Government Architect uses when he is looking for architectural quality for projects for the Flemish  Government and local authorities. Besides having an exemplary principal, the correct choice of developer for every project is of critical importance. The Open Call is a selection procedure based on the  principal of an architectural competition and the procedure is in accordance with the regulations covering governmental commissions and  European competition rules. The Open Call comprises a selection and shortlist of architects and architectural teams for different tasks in  the areas of architecture, town planning and landscape architecture.

For more information about the Flemish Government Architect’s team, you can visit the website of the Flemish Government Architect's team.