Informatie Vlaanderen
Boudewijnlaan 30 bus 30, 1000 Brussels
T +32 2 553 72 02

First and foremost, the Government of Flanders wants to introduce e-government for the purpose of improving the interaction between administrations and citizens. Informatie Vlaanderen is tasked with developing and underpinning ICT-projects for an accessible, demand-driven, simplified and integrated public service. As a component of the Flemish public administration, Informatie Vlaanderen provides its services to the Administrations of the Flemish Region and its provinces and municipalities.


  • The MAGDA platform for data sharing ensures that citizens and companies need not pass on their data to different administrative departments whenever there occurs a data change (once-only data collecting).
  • Another example is the Digital Building Permit project. This project will digitalize the information exchange among any possible actors during the process of a building permit application and streamline the procedure from the start of the application (private individual, enterprise, architect) to and including the data processing and the execution of the works.
  • At the conference "i-Flanders: the Flemish Governement interactive" on December 17th 2010, the following important question was discussed: 'How can the government engage actively in an open and transparant conversation with citizens and companies through the use of ICT?'. The main goal was gathering ideas from the general public about open data, mobile apps, e-participation and crowdsourcing, in order to improve the governmental services. The conference resulted in a report about the strategic plans concerning open data. On September 23rd 2011, the Flemish Government endorsed the report.

Through the introduction of these various e-government initiatives, the interaction among administrations, and between administrations and citizens will be faster, more accessible, and more transparent.