Effective Government

Flanders in Action and Pact 2020

Within the Government of Flanders, several areas, such as for example ‘Flanders in Action’ and Pact 2020, focus on the theme ’effective government.’

Public authorities are key players in society. Well-functioning public authorities are essential to a successful economy and society.

In 2020, Flanders wants to assume a leading position among the best performing European regions. For that reason, Flanders in Action is focused on seven breakthrough actions:

  • The open entrepreneur
  • Flanders learning society
  • Innovation centre Flanders
  • Green and dynamic urban region
  • Europe's smart hub
  • Caring society
  • Decisive governance>

Pact 2020 consists of twenty ambitious objectives and five breakthrough actions in areas where Flanders has already achieved a model presence but where, tomorrow, it can truly make a major difference.

To know more about Flanders in Action and Pact 2020, visit www.flandersinaction.be.

Commission on Efficient and Effective Government

Efficiency and more effectiveness will become the big challenge and key task for the public authorities in Flanders. In this perspective, the Government of Flanders has created the Commission on Efficient and Effective Government (CEEG) in 2008. The Commission contributes to the challenge to organise the Flemish public authorities in such a manner so that by 2020, Flanders is to be counted among the top regions in the field of efficiency and effectiveness. Its task is to create sustainable, efficient, effective and innovating government action.

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