Infrastructure, Platforms & Business Applications


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The Government of Flanders is introducing a common ICT  infrastructure. This common infrastructure will promote and ensure  improved efficiency and lead to cost savings. Likewise, a number of different ICT platforms are to be offered with an eye on achieving  maximum efficiency, manageability, and cost-effectiveness.

In addition, business applications are being introduced for the purpose of providing assistance in specific business processes.

A few examples:

  • Common ICT infrastructure
  • ICT platforms
  • Business applications

Common ICT Infrastructure

  • Storage and back-up space and virtual servers;
  • File data and program files can be optimally saved in relational database platforms;
  • A common data network;
  • User infrastructure (e.g., laptops with basic software and PDAs);

ICT platforms

  • Documentary and collaborative environments;
  • Common mail and calendar platform;
  • A platform for unlocking authentic data sources (federal and Flemish) and data exchange;
  • Security platforms;
  • Tools to develop one’s own applications;

Business applications

  • HR management system: Vlimpers;
  • Accounting system: Orafin;
  • ...