European Mentoring and Coaching Conference (19-21 november - Istanbul)

At this conference we shared the results of the project on effectiveness of coaching which is running in collaboration with UGent.

What was picked up during this conference was processed in a report and several illustrating articles that can be found under the information for internal coaches of the Flemish public administration. The contacts in between presentations also yielded concrete results. It was decided to establish an international working group around the theme of internal coaching, which is accessible for internal coaches only and does not require EMCC membership.  The Flemish public administration is the initiator of this network together with the UK.  In a first instance, a partnership will be set up between the UK, France, the Netherlands and Flanders. Both the public and private sectors are represented in this network.  Since a large number of multinationals are involved in this network, the expertise is shared all around the world.

The next step is to set up and organise an international conference on internal coaching in London in September 2016.  The exact date will be communicated on this website as soon as it has been fixed.

The ideas that were picked up at this conference are being incorporated into the annual targets. 

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Friday, February 5, 2016