HR and integrity visit the OECD

On April 20th 2015 Wendy de Letter represented Belgium at the annual meeting of the “Working Party on Public Employment and Management” (the HR working group of the OECD).

The 2015 annual meeting of the Working Party on Public Employment and Management builds on a range of recent and ongoing work at the OECD in Public Employment, Human Resource Management and broader governance issues. The purpose of this annual meeting was to talk about the results of ongoing and completed OECD researches and share best practices from various countries on HR matters. Besides addressing completed researches an inspirational round table discussions took place, ranging sharing ideas with each other to giving suggestions for upcoming OECD researches.

Wendy de Letter clarified the approach from the Flemish public service on “Assisting HR business partners in aligning employee engagement studies with HR strategy” in session 2 “Employee Engagement: leadership challenge for post-crisis workforce management”. The Flemish public service organizes a 2-yearly (non-mandatory) employee engagement survey.

A workshop is provided for HR business partners in assisting them to align the outcomes of the study with the HR strategy. The workshop outlines methods to make a management summary of the graphs and numbers, how to link this to HR strategy and how to engage both employees and management in converting the outcomes into actions. The workshop consists of different parts. The first part focusses on getting the management summary right, the second part focusses on how to bring in HR strategy and in the past part methods are discussed for engaging both employees and managers for converting numbers into actions.

During the integrity week on the 24-26th of March at the OECD the integrity officer of the Flemish Government, Kristien Verbraeken, talked about the integrity policy and the implementation at the organisational level and about corruption in investment at the sub-national levelRead more.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015