Launch European Network of Integrity Practitioners (ENIP)

From 4 till 6 March 2015 the Dutch National Integrity Office (BIOS) organized a meeting that laid the basis for a European Network of Integrity Practitioners (ENIP). The practitioners are working for a national or regional integrity entity. The network focuses on the public sector and arose from the need to exchange knowledge and experiences with international colleagues in promoting integrity. 

The first meeting was a great success. An important goal of this meeting was to jointly explore and shape the new partnership.  An action agenda is also prepared for the coming year: striking was that the entities face the same issues, underlining the usefulness and necessity for structural exchange. Substantive themes discussed at this first meeting concerned 'whistleblowing' and the involvement of civil society organizations with integrity and anti-corruption programs.

The next meeting of ENIP will be hosted by the Flemish co-founders in October 2015. The Integrity Office of the Flemish government authorities are currently working on the programme of this three-day meeting. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015