Pool of internal coaches increased in numbers

Since June 2013 the Flemish government had 16 certified internal coaches to its disposal.  On March 6th 2015 a new pool of internal coaches graduated, extending the original group with 21 new coaches. This second pool included 5 senior advisors, 12 head of departments and  for the first time 4 top civil servants joined the ranks. At the same time the certified coaches of the VRT (Flemish broadcasting corporation) and the VDAB (public employment service of Flanders) connected to the pool. This brings the total to 41 internal coaches in March 2015.

The internal coaches specialize in work-related coaching of (potential) leaders within the Flemish government. Hand in hand the coach and the coachee observe a challenge or question. The coach tries to provoke and looks at the challenge from different angles, this leads to new insights and a broader point of view. After ending the coaching sessions, the coachee is able to tackle new challenges by himself/herself and can reach his/her full potential as a leader.

Coaching leads to stronger leaders in the Flemish government, this is why the project is part of the modern HR policy. Both the coach as the coachee learn from coaching sessions, by using internal coaches all the knowledge circulates within the Flemish government. The internal coaches spend 20 percent of their time on coaching assignments outside their own department. Because of the distance between the coach and the coachee, a safe environment is created and the coach can take a step back and ask the right questions.

In 2014 173 leaders (from top civil servants to potential leaders) were coached, with the number of coaches increasing we expect to double this number in 2015.

More information? Contact Brunhilde Borms or Chris Gadeyne

Thursday, April 30, 2015