Regulation Development

1.      Regulatory agenda

The regulatory agenda is a publicly available list of planned new regulation or changes to existing regulation.

2.      Compensation rule

With the compensation rule for administrative burdens, the Flemish administration has been asking, since 2005, that attention be paid to administrative burdens when drawing up new regulation. Every increase or reduction in administrative burdens that has an important social impact must be measured.

3.      Regulatory impact analysis (RIA)

The regulatory impact analysis or RIA is a set of logical steps to be followed in the preparation of a policy measure.

Since 2005, the RIA has been a compulsory step in the approval procedure of regulation (Flemish Parliament Acts and Government of Flanders Decrees) at the initiative of the Government of Flanders.

4.      Legal sources

Here you can find the links to a number of useful legal sources, such as the Belgian Official Journal and the Flemish Codex.


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