Regulatory Quality Units


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On 20 January 2006, the Government of Flanders adopted in principle the establishment of Regulatory Quality Units within the policy areas of the Flemish administration.

These units are to centralise the expertise available with regard to drawing up regulation, which is the core task par excellence of the Flemish administration. There should also be increased cooperation and exchange of data within and above all between the policy areas when drawing up RIAs of intended regulation and measuring the administrative burdens thereof.

The Regulatory Quality Units serve as important points of contact  for the Regulatory Management Unit and for other existing entities engaged in central quality assurance and support (the Legal Services Unit and the Linguistic Unit).

Tasks of the Regulatory Quality Units

Mandatory: developing and implementing regulatory management within the policy area, in other words, managing and monitoring regulation, measuring and reducing
administrative burdens, applying and assuring the quality of RIAs, etc.

Optional: actually drawing up specific regulation, in other words, writing regulatory texts, carrying out a legal/technical and linguistic check of the proposed text, coordinating with policy makers, etc.

Advantages of the Regulatory Quality Units

  • They remedy the negative consequences of a fragmented regulation.
  • They ensure an improved quality of regulation.
  • It is easier for drafters of regulation to familiarise themselves with the methods and techniques of regulatory management.
  • Training and education in regulatory management can be given more efficiently and effectively.
  • Regulation is drawn up with increased mutual harmonisation.
  • Alternatives to regulation for policy are more closely examined.
  • Drafters of legislation increasingly exchange expertise and experiences.

Changes to the Regulatory Quality Units

On 18 November 2011, the Government of Flanders decided to order each Government of Flanders Minister or their senior civil servants to re-affirm the composition, position and operation of the Regulatory Quality Units within their competences.

The reform is founded on the principles of the strategic policy framework for good quality regulation and administrative simplification 2009-2014.

The changes to the organisation and operation are implemented in two phases.